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5 Steps To Discovering Your Divine Journey

Something that has always amused me is the demand we put on children to know what they want to do when they grow up as a career. An adult will go up to a child and ask "what do you want to be when you grow up?" The child will reply with something like an astronaut or a veterinarian or actor. Most of the time it's just polite curiosity because we know the child is not really old enough to know what they want to do as a career at such a young age but we at least understand a bit where their mind is. Something we never ask children about is their purpose or drive which I would argue is so much more important to an adult's life than the way they choose to make money when their childhood dreams don't seem to pan out. Making money or having a hobby is just that, but doesn't speak to the ideas they might have about finding their divine purpose in life. Some of us find ourselves well into our adult lives before we even think about this idea; which to me is a long overdue change to leading others and future generations on a path to discover their divine journey and being more connected to themselves and others.

When I talk about a divine journey, I mean specifically the thing you were put on this planet to do. You may have various jobs and skills or a specific career path and goal, but why are you here on this planet? I doubt you would say something like "my purpose is to do other people's taxes." If a job is how you make a living then a divine purpose is what fulfills and enriches your life. It is that spark of divine fire in all of us that calls for something more. We have grown accustomed to suppressing that spark because there is no way to monetize it or our focus is on other things. Some people may not even know their life has a divine purpose because they aren't attuned to listening to their calling. It is my belief that discovering your divine journey is more important to your life, to future generations, and to the world than anything else.

Mapping out my own divine journey was a long and uncertain process. After my spiritual awakening, I knew I was called to bigger and better things. I knew that the world was in turmoil and with my family and children in mind, I couldn't ignore the feeling that I could somehow do something to awaken others as I myself had been. My whole life, people had always been able to come up and talk to me; I could communicate with a random stranger like we were long friends. It didn't seem that abnormal to me because I had been doing it my whole life. Complete strangers would engage me in conversation and would tell me very personal and intimate things about their life as if I were a friend they had known for a lifetime or their own personal therapist. I wasn't sure why, but I never turned down the opportunity to talk to someone and either just listen and support or give whatever tidbits of guidance I could think of. My career never lead me down a path to lean into this natural skill but it was always kind of there in the background. It wasn't until after my consciousness started shifting to a higher level that I began to realize that my ability to connect to people WAS my divine calling. I had the instant realization that I was meant to be a healer in this new age. My ability to open people up was allowing them to feel heard and heal from their problems. It was then my duty to learn how better to help people who were hurting and show them the power they had inside to heal themselves and bring their consciousness to a higher level.

So how do you map out your divine journey? The answer, unfortunately, isn't so easy for someone else to answer, but is easy for the person in tune with their spirituality. Holy people and church leaders will often say that they were called by God to do their work. Sometimes it really is that simple. No matter what religion, people connected with spirituality can recognize the divine calling within them. Here are a couple of things you can address in your life to start listening to that spark and begin mapping your divine journey.

  1. Start looking at how in touch you are with your own spirituality. Take an honest assessment of your life and see if your personal lifestyle is one that allows you to connect with your true self. Do you practice meditation or do you drink to intoxication? Do you read to learn or binge Netflix to pass the time. Are you addicted to health and wellness or your cellphone? All of these things can help or hinder your higher consciousness and the ability to attune to your calling. Everything is spiritual and how you do anything is how you do everything. If you find yourself indulging too much in worldly things and neglecting your health or life, it may be time to explore new paths that help shape your body and mind better for a consciousness shift.

  2. Look at your social circle. Who do you hang out with the most? Take a look at the top 5 or 10 people you spend the most time with. You will become the median of all those people. Are you constantly around people who challenge you in positive ways to be better or are you around party animals with few real goals in life? Do you enjoy frequent intellectual conversations with people of different backgrounds or do you only spend time with people who confirm your own biases? Take stock of your circle and see if it is one you are trapped in or one that pushes you to grow. It is never fun, but sometimes the best thing to do is distance yourself from toxic people and behavior to grow yourself.

  3. Address your career and workplace. Like anyone else, where you work takes up a significant amount of your daily life and the total amount of time you live on this planet. It is extremely important that we look at this place similar to a second home and see if it is one that also allows you to grow and do good work. Is your job or workplace a humanity first or a humanity last company? Do they create products or services that benefit the world and its clients or lead to the problems that are wrong in the world. Do they pride themselves in honest work and positive employee relationships or do they abuse their workers and take part in cutthroat practices to get ahead. Even if you disagree with the way your job does something, if you are making money for them, you are cutting yourself off to the divine plan. In fact, if you are feeling a spiritual awakening that is calling you to do more and connect to higher consciousness, your inner self might be screaming at you to quit your job.

  4. Observe your behavior and emotions. Has your behavior or attitude changed recently? Do you notice that you are more calm than usual and letting things slide that would have angered you before or do you feel more agitated and lose patience quickly? A shift in your mood and your day to day emotions may be signs of different awakenings inside yourself, but to know what is what it is important to see what is triggering those emotions. If you are restless and itchy while you are at work or find it hard to focus, you may have something greater calling you that is distracting you, leaving you with a feeling of longing. Maybe you are more frustrated with your life or people around you who don't seem to get it and you snap to anger or frustration. Are you waking up when others are not? Or maybe you were a more impatient and angry person but now you find yourself not caring as much. It's not because you feel defeated or care less, but just because you care more about other things and don't let yourself get pulled into worldly pointless anger like you did. Both could be positive signs that you are shifting, but it is deciphering the cause of the emotion or behavior that will point the way and could lead you to revelation of your divine journey.

  5. Look for signs and listen to yourself. Throughout your day, notice the tiny things that excite you. Does something call out to you when you brows online or while reading or watching an ad. What does the things you like say about what you want? Do you see something or somewhere and get a rush of something big but it feels too big to reach. That little voice inside is telling you where to go, you just have to keep pushing and following the little signs and voices. Practice some meditation and maybe try some things that shift your consciousness to see what speaks to you. Or if you are someone who is always using something to shift your consciousness, abstain from doing so and clear your head so that you can hear your true self talk more clearly. The signs and calling will become louder and more clear with every step you take.

Your divine journey may not be revealed to you all at the same time. It may show up in many different forms and ways that push you and excite you but isn't completely manifested yet. Tell the universe that you are ready for an awakening and to discover your divine path. Tell yourself every day that you are ready to have your divine plan laid out before you. I went through many different ideas that evolved over time before my path became clear to me. And don't be afraid of your path and goal shifting and changing. Just because you start down one path doesn't mean you have to stay on it. Just keep pushing through the fog and distractions and before you know it, your purpose will engulf you like a wave and you will know which way to go.


- Rishi

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