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Balmain Watches Buy Online

Balmain is what an artist would consider as something exclusive to the royalties around the world, the kings and queens favourite. Balmain is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group and falls under the Balmain Fashion House. Known for creating haute couture, Balmain now creates timepieces that leave its customers in awe. Since 1995, the brand is churning out fashion-oriented, opulent timepieces. Balmain watches is primarily based at Saint-Imier surrounded by the beautiful Jura mountains in Switzerland.

balmain watches buy online


Balmain watches is known for creating timepieces inspired by their haute couture dresses. One such distinct feature is the arabesques dial directly inspired by the post-war trend of minimalism. Balmain has a following of niche and reluctant fashion followers who are known for their sharp eyes. Most of the timepieces under Balmain watches reflect the intensity of work the creators have put in and specifically depicts the inspirations.

Under the tradition collection, the Beleganza is a series of watches for men with uniform lines and grace. All the watches under this collection are equipped with premium sapphire crystals. Another set of watches under the tradition collection is the Classic R, a set of watches redefining the traditional design philosophy of Balmain.

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Balmain is a Swiss designer brand under the swatch group Producing designer watches that are simple yet elegant.the watches incorporates quartz movements similar to ones in rados.The b crazy is an unique timepiece which I got my hands on recently.the black dial and the steel body is a staring contrast highlighting the lustre of steel.the crown with splines and the onyx crystal glued on is a design inspired from cartier. The roman numerals and the onion rings design with interlink converts the plain design into a trendsetter.The 32mm case might seem big but it stands out well on your wrist.The packaging of balmain and the customer support is pretty good.Overall verdict :best timepiece for women who would like to foray into world of swiss watches for a reasonable price....view more

They can choose between predominantly classic colours such as silver, gold, rose gold, black, white, and brown tones. Not only is the romantic design of the watches striking, but also the poetic names of the individual lines: Madrigal Lady, Miss Balmain Dream, and Lady Arabesque.

Balmain watches are mainly made of stainless steel, sapphire crystal, and leather. In addition, Balmain watches offer either battery-operated, quartz movements quartz or automatic movements. Balmain watches also have such functions as date display and stopwatch (chronograph). 041b061a72

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