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Discover Orobroy, the Amazing Flamenco Piano Work by David Pea Dorantes, Released in 1998 in FLAC Format

Orobroy: The Masterpiece of David Pea Dorantes in FLAC Format

If you are a fan of flamenco music, you have probably heard of David Pea Dorantes, one of the most innovative and influential pianists in the genre. His debut album, Orobroy, released in 1998, is a landmark work that showcases his original style and vision. Orobroy is a word that means "thought" or "reflection" in the Caló language of the Spanish Roma people, and it is also the title of the first track and the most famous piece of the album. In this article, we will explore the musical and cultural significance of Orobroy, and why you should listen to it in high-resolution FLAC audio format.

David Pea Dorantes - Orobroy (1998) FLAC

Who is David Pea Dorantes?

David Pea Dorantes was born in 1969 in Lebrija, a town in the province of Seville, Spain. He comes from a family of flamenco artists, including his grandfather Pedro Peña and his father Pedro Peña Fernández, both renowned singers. Dorantes started playing the piano at the age of seven, and soon developed a passion for flamenco music. He studied classical piano at the conservatory of Seville, but he also learned from flamenco masters such as Paco de Lucía, Enrique Morente and Camarón de la Isla. He began his professional career as an accompanist for flamenco singers and dancers, but he also experimented with his own compositions and arrangements.

What is Orobroy?

Orobroy is the first album of David Pea Dorantes, released in 1998 by BMG Ariola. It consists of 11 tracks, all composed by Dorantes himself, except for "Semblanzas de un río", which is based on a poem by Federico García Lorca. The album features Dorantes on piano, Tino di Geraldo on percussion, Javier Colina on double bass, Joaquín Grilo on dance and palmas (handclapping), and various guest singers such as José Mercé, Arcángel and El Lebrijano.

Orobroy is a groundbreaking work that blends flamenco with jazz, classical and world music influences. Dorantes uses the piano as a solo instrument, but also as a rhythmic and harmonic support for the voice and the dance. He creates complex melodies and harmonies that evoke the emotions and traditions of flamenco, but also challenge its conventions and boundaries. He incorporates elements from different musical cultures, such as Arabic scales, Indian rhythms, African drums and Celtic sounds.

Why listen to Orobroy in FLAC format?

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is a file format that compresses audio data without losing any quality or information. This means that you can enjoy the music exactly as it was recorded and mastered, without any distortion or noise. FLAC files are larger than MP3 files, but they offer much better sound quality and fidelity.

Listening to Orobroy in FLAC format will allow you to appreciate the nuances and details of Dorantes' piano playing, as well as the richness and depth of the other instruments and voices. You will be able to hear every note, every chord, every beat and every breath with clarity and precision. You will be able to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and mood of each track, feeling the passion and intensity of flamenco music.

How to download Orobroy in FLAC format?

If you want to download Orobroy by David Pea Dorantes in FLAC format, you can do so from various online platforms that offer high-resolution audio files. Some examples are SoundCloud, Qobuz, HDtracks and 7digital. You will need to pay a fee to access these files, but it will be worth it if you want to enjoy the best possible sound quality.

Alternatively, you can also buy a physical copy of Orobroy on CD or vinyl, which will also give you access to FLAC files via a download code or a streaming service. You can find these options on Amazon or other online stores.


Orobroy by David Pea Dorantes is a masterpiece of flamenco piano music that deserves to be listened to in high-resolution FLAC format. It is an album that combines tradition and innovation, creating a unique musical expression that transcends genres and cultures. It is an album that will touch your soul and make you feel alive. 4e3182286b

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