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Weliamuna Report On Srilankan Airlines Pdf Download

Weliamuna Report on SriLankan Airlines PDF Download

The Weliamuna Report is a document that was commissioned by the Sri Lankan government in 2015 to investigate the alleged corruption and mismanagement of SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka. The report was prepared by a board of inquiry headed by attorney-at-law J.C. Weliamuna, a former director of Transparency International Sri Lanka. The report revealed several instances of abuse of power, irregularities in procurement, external interferences, and financial losses incurred by the airline during the previous administration.

The report was made public in April 2015 and caused a lot of controversy and criticism from various stakeholders, including the former management of the airline, the opposition parties, and the civil society. The report also recommended several actions to be taken by the current board of directors and the government to address the issues and improve the performance of the airline. However, some of these recommendations have not been implemented or followed up as of 2021.


In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the main findings and recommendations of the Weliamuna Report, as well as the sources where you can download the full report in PDF format.

Main Findings of the Weliamuna Report

The Weliamuna Report covered four main areas of investigation: abuse of power, irregularities in procurement, external interferences, and financial performance. Some of the main findings of the report are summarized below:

  • The previous board of directors and senior management of SriLankan Airlines abused their power and authority by engaging in nepotism, favoritism, political appointments, excessive perks and privileges, and interference in operational matters. The report identified several individuals who were responsible for these malpractices and recommended disciplinary actions against them.

  • The procurement process of SriLankan Airlines was flawed and violated the principles of transparency, accountability, and competitiveness. The report highlighted several cases of irregularities in the procurement or leasing of aircraft, goods, and services by the airline, which resulted in unnecessary costs and losses. The report also questioned the rationale and feasibility of some of the strategic decisions made by the previous management, such as acquiring new aircraft, terminating profitable routes, and entering into unprofitable code-share agreements.

  • The airline faced external interferences from various parties, including politicians, government officials, trade unions, and other stakeholders. These interferences adversely affected the smooth functioning and autonomy of the airline and created conflicts of interest, pressure, and influence on the management and staff. The report also noted that some of these interferences were motivated by personal or political agendas rather than the best interest of the airline or the country.

  • The financial performance of SriLankan Airlines deteriorated significantly during the period under review. The report attributed this to a combination of factors, such as high operating costs, low revenue generation, poor fleet management, weak market position, lack of innovation, and external shocks. The report estimated that the airline incurred a cumulative loss of LKR 128 billion (USD 830 million) from 2009 to 2014.

Main Recommendations of the Weliamuna Report

The Weliamuna Report made several recommendations to address the issues and challenges faced by SriLankan Airlines and to improve its governance, management, operations, and financial viability. Some of the main recommendations are summarized below:

  • The current board of directors and senior management should take immediate action to implement a comprehensive restructuring plan for SriLankan Airlines that would include rationalizing its fleet size and composition, optimizing its route network and market share, reducing its operating costs and overheads, enhancing its revenue streams and profitability, improving its customer service and product quality, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, and strengthening its corporate governance and accountability.

  • The government should provide adequate support and guidance to SriLankan Airlines in implementing its restructuring plan without interfering in its day-to-day operations or strategic decisions. The government should also ensure that SriLankan Airlines operates as a commercial entity that is independent from political or other external influences. The government should also review its policies and regulations regarding the aviation sector in Sri Lanka to create a level playing field for all airlines operating in the country.

  • The relevant authorities should conduct further investigations into the allegations of corruption and mismanagement made by the Weliamuna Report and take appropriate legal actions against those who are found guilty. The authorities should also recover any losses or damages caused by these malpractices from the responsible parties. The authorities should also establish a mechanism to monitor and prevent any recurrence of such malpractices in the future.

Sources for Downloading the Weliamuna Report

If you are interested in reading the full Weliamuna Report, you can download it in PDF format from the following sources:

  • The official website of SriLankan Airlines, where you can find a communique from the airline regarding the report and a link to download it. [Communique from SriLankan Airlines - J. C. Weliamuna Report]

  • The official website of the Ministry of Public Enterprise Development, where you can find the annual reports of SriLankan Airlines for the past years, including the year 2020/21, which contains a summary of the report and its recommendations. [SriLankan Airlines Annual Report 2020/21]

  • The website of Cranfield University, where you can find an academic paper that analyzes the issues and prospects facing SriLankan Airlines and its embedded partnership with Sri Lankan tourism, based on the Weliamuna Report and other sources. [An analysis of the issues and prospects facing SriLankan Airlines]

We hope that this article has provided you with some useful information and insights on the Weliamuna Report on SriLankan Airlines and its implications for the airline and the country. Thank you for reading.

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