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Besides obsessing over how to gain revenge on her enemies, Rar also developed several other traits. She continued to refer to herself in the first person plural pronoun, which she believed honored the Gorog nest. As the last surviving member of the hive, the Twi'lek felt that referring to herself in the singular would prove that the nest was truly destroyed.[3] She also began to talk aloud to herself.[13] While on the planet, Rar constructed a blowgun and obtained from the wild Tenupian jungle some potent toxins, including a deadly poison[3] and a flesh-eating bacteria. She cataloged the different substances she collected in vials, which she kept about her person.[13] Near the end of her first year marooned in the Tenupian jungle, Rar caught a fever and entered a hallucinogenic state, dreaming that she was exploring the Massassi temples on Yavin 4 with her long dead sister, Numa. When the Twi'lek awoke, she was stranded high atop a mountain on the planet.[3]

01 - A Deadly Affair.rar

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In 1991, the sub-Saharan African nation of Somalia was gripped by a deadly civil war, which coupled with widespread famine, that threatened a humanitarian disaster on a massive scale.[14] Initially the global response was slow, but in late 1992 the United Nations requested assistance in securing the nation as it went about the task of reconstructing the shattered nation's infrastructure and delivering humanitarian assistance.[14] In response Australia pledged to deploy a 937-strong battalion group in Operation Solace under the auspices of the wider US-led Operation Restore Hope as part of the Unified Task Force (UNITAF) in Somalia.[14]

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