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Download Terabit Virus Maker Gratis !!TOP!!

In This Tutorial I am gonna tell you an easy way to create viruses using Virus maker softwares named "JPS Virus Maker" and "teraBIT Virus Maker"Follow the steps1. First of all Download any Virus maker from both mentioned above, extract the rar file, and then click on the exe.Now you will get a Screen like this.TeraBIT VIRUS MAKERJPS VIRUS MAKER2. Now Select some from the given options, that option you want in your created virus.3. For Message with your virus, select the Fake Error Message and write the message you want to display in caption and Title Like "Error" as shown below.4. To change the Password of the computer on execution of virus check CHANGE XP PASSWORD and type the new password. 5. Now Select any server Icon or file icon , it will be the icon of the virus file.6. Now Select any virus Name from the list so it cannot be seen in the process from its own name.7. Click on the "make virus " Button and your virus will be ready!!!!8. Now send this file to your friends and see the result.

download terabit virus maker gratis


* UPDATE: The program is no longer available on its official website, but it can be downloaded at this link. Take into account that Antivirus can take it as a threat to the computer, in this case it must be temporarily deactivated to use it without problems.

10. Scan and back up frequently. Set up your antivirus software to run regular scans and back up your files frequently. If your employer offers automated backup to the cloud, use it. If you absolutely must download a file, make sure your antivirus software scans it before you open it.

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