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The Victor Cheng Consulting Resume Toolkit Download [UPD]

On of the big steps when I did my reset with Victor Cheng was I took the time to reflect on what I loved about my career experience and what I didnt love about it. And I set some goals based on how I wanted to function in the new role

The Victor Cheng Consulting Resume Toolkit Download


The other big part of my reset with Victors toolkit was, and I think this kind of ties into what I was just talking about, is, I am very good at what I do, in a very well-defined area. But in general, I am not that great at dealing with people, and not that great at general problem-solving problems or doing things that arent well-defined. I am very good at the specific role that I was hired for. So, when I look at my resume, Im not seeing the value in it because Im not looking at the skills that are of interest to employers and the diverse skills I can bring to the table. We can talk about its always critical for job searchers to understand how to communicate effectively, to work in teams, to work in a diverse environment, and I think that is a lot of what that interview simulation is designed to bring into people, that they know thats how to handle them, not just showing up and saying, "Golly, this interviewer is great. Im just gonna say whatever Im gonna say and thats how Im gonna do it."

Victor Cheng I like the idea of this too, because as much as I try to be the best person I can be, I cant work for everybody, so to speak. So, that its like a step in the right direction for someone to realize like, I dont have to do this, I can make things happen if I try, and its something that I really enjoyed doing, to be able to help people and do that.

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