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[S1E5] Time And Again Extra Quality

IMAGE 4: Ms. Marvel written in Urdu against what looks to be a depiction of the Red Dagger, done in a traditional Islamic art style for the two figures. The first figure has a red bandana covering the lower half of his face as his hair flows freely, two blades wielded. The second has the red bandance covering his head and lower half of his face.

[S1E5] Time and Again


IMAGE 5: Ms. Marvel written in Urdu against a photograph of villagers migrating, the men with heavy bags on their shoulders, the women balancing vases on their heads. Other photographs are scattered around, but are not completely visible.

Kamala activates her bracelet to fend them off and Waleed makes a valiant sacrifice during the street battle and dies. She and Kareem make a stand against the ClanDestines in the marketplace but Namja stabs her bangle, causing a weird power surge that teleports Kamala back to the Partition of India in 1947, where she locates the same Karachi train from her vision.

At this time, Disney and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige have been silent on any plans for another season. However, if the hit comics are anything to go by, Kamala has enough adventures for a sophomore season.. Looking further into the future, Ms. Marvel is destined to appear in the 2023 Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels, alongside Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau.

Harper has proved time and again that she deserves to be at Pierpoint, and she will do whatever it takes to stay there despite her lack of a background in investment banking. But will anyone other than Eric listen if people find out the truth?

Only time will tell, but as of right now, things are not looking good for Harper. We wish we could reach into the screen and give her the supportive hug she needs, but the best we can do is watch closely and hope that things work out for her.

I don't know where we go from here. You have to decide because I can't work or be friends with anyone who would behave like that. And if he's pressuring you, you need to say now. I promise you I can understand that. This way of doing business, the silos, the possessiveness, the lying, it's going to stop. That article is just the start; this place is going to change, watch. If you lie to me again, you have no idea how cold the floor can be. And I won't be in your corner come RIF. Simple.

But unfortunately, having Kenny as a supervisor comes with a price. Despite his seemingly genuine apology regarding his behavior, it does not stop him from drinking. As a result, he begins making extremely inappropriate comments toward Yasmin and Maxim, her longtime friend.

Regardless of what happens, it is about time they have it out with each other. Things were already tense in their relationship without the cheating, and these events will only push Yasmin and Sebastian to confront each other. Will they survive that confrontation? Honestly, we hope not because we are still rooting for Robert and Yasmin.

So, time to improv! A traumatized Rhaenyra and a grieving Laenor are married that evening, with just their immediate families in attendance. The minute the vows are completed, Viserys crumples to the ground, unconscious. Outside, in the godswood, Ser Criston prepares to kill himself, but Alicent stops him. And throughout all of this, Daemon is nowhere to be seen.

As Brady gives Alice a ride to school, Kat joins them. Alice is still fixated on the idea of Nick being 40. After Brady drops them off and departs, Kat confronts Elliot, hung up on the fact that he never told her the time traveling secret. Elliot advises Kat to find the positives in it. Kat wonders if she can change her current circumstances by going to the past to fix them. Elliot tells her it may not be possible.

Del and Rita are at the café planning for the theater retirement party when they are interrupted by Byron. He asks Del out on a date but she declines. Rita and Del join Joyce and Jude at the concession stand as they pack up the theater. There, Del has flashbacks of the good times she shared with Colton.

In 1999, teen Elliot is telling Alice the same thing, that she should not keep dating Nick because she is not of their time. When teen Elliot leaves for work, Alice begs to come with him to see Nick. Alice admits to teen Elliot that she is not fond of her dad in the present anymore because of what she knows about him in the past.

A) Granny gives the babies lesons on how to tell time. Daffy thinks he doesn't need a lesson and skips it.B) Bugs & Daffy fight over who gets Lola on there team to play tennis. Lola chooses Bugs team and Daffy is stuck with Taz on his team.

"Since traversing and meeting individuals in Kraghammer they then spearheaded into the Greyspine mines where apparently these monstrosities had been burbling out time and time again over the past few weeks. Pushing down, they had encounters with umber hulks, they managed to inquire some duergar which apparently there are a lot of them down here (duergar being an ashy-skinned, subterranean, dark, evil dwarf-type offshoot). One of which had with it a brain-type quadruped that managed to brain spike Grog and send him catatonic for a short time.

Vax steers the carpet of flying to the tunnel on the far side of the camp against Vex's objections over leaving Trinket behind.[4] As the carpet circles around, another volley of javelins hit Grog, Keyleth and Percy. Keyleth loses her eagle form and she, Scanlan, and Pike begin to fall. Vax swoops the carpet underneath and catches them, but causes Tiberius to lose concentration on the Flying spell he cast on Grog, who now begins to plummet. The flying carpet is bearing too much weight and careens out of control.

Scanlan Inspires Grog and casts Invisibility on himself. Vex fires a Lightning Arrow at the black ooze and it splits, seemingly unaffected by the hit. Percy shoots ice at an ooze and it quivers but the ice gets absorbed. He shoots again and the form quivers but continues to slither forward. Keyleth lashes an ooze with her Thorn Whip and pulls it to the edge of a pool of lava. Pike casts Insect Plague over the two oozes. Grog Warhammers the ooze twice causing it to screech and splash ichor hitting Grog and burning his torso like acid. The oozes flank Grog and hit him with pseudopod-like appendages from their bodies, the leftover sludge they leave on him burns him even further. Clarota casts Lightning Bolt, apparently not seeing what happened with the ooze bolted with lightning by Vex, and the ooze divides again.

Vex marks the ooze by her brother and makes two bow attacks, killing it. Vax throws his two daggers at the ooze. They begin to sink in, but they teleport back to his Blinkback Belt. Percy takes two shots at the ooze. It splats against the wall and liquefies. Keyleth hooks two ends of her Thorn Whip into the creature and rips it apart. The creature plummets into the magma and the still-sizzling form of the ooze.[15]

The story begins when Finn and Jake are talking about their emotions at the candy party. Then they see Princess Bubblegum giving a speech. She then commands Finn and Jake to show the Candy People their dance moves. Everyone is in awe until Cinnamon Bun tries to take the spotlight. He tells everyone that he is going to do a flip. His plan fails and he bumps into the tower in which Princess Bubblegum is partying in. The tower cracks and the princess falls to the ground. Luckily, Finn caught her just in time and saved Princess Bubblegum from her death. Then she tells the Candy People that she and Finn are going to have a "secret conference." Once inside the castle, she tells Finn about a hero who has been guarding the Enchiridion for decades, a Minotaur named Mannish Man. Mannish protects the Enchiridion from everyone who are not righteous and want to steal it and use it to take over the Land of Ooo.

Initial tension and mistrust between the opposing Starfleet and Maquis crews is explored in "Parallax", "Prime Factors", and "Learning Curve". The consequences of isolation and loss on the crew begin to develop in "The Cloud" and "Eye of the Needle", and the crew are also teased with the possibility of returning home several times throughout the first season, only to have it cruelly snatched away. The Kazon reappear and prove to be a powerful nemesis, while in "Phage" an additional threat is introduced, in the disease ravaging organ-harvesting Vidiians. Crucially, Janeway's decision to maintain Voyager as a Starfleet vessel is brought sharply into focus when a member of the former Maquis crew, Ensign Seska, is revealed to be a Cardassian spy, and in a showdown with Janeway, defects to the Kazon.

LARA:Yeah, Shannon, it was really fun doing the research and it's really going to be hard for me to pick where to even begin with this. But I think the big picture for the point of this episode is, right, Florida at one point in time in history was all some type of ecosystem, whether it was pine forests or wetlands.

At the same time, I know you said urban forestry is like your favorite thing. (LAUGHTER) And I do feel like we're starting to circle back to realize the value and importance of trees, which is what we hope to kind of highlight in today's episode.

SHANNON:Absolutely. And I think, exactly like you said, it's one of my favorite topics, but I think I have the advantage of living in a more rural community. And so we've been able to see how other communities over time have developed and become mostly concrete. And now they're having lots of infrastructure problems with the trees that they do have.

But because here in central Florida we're a little bit more rural, we have space for trees still. So we have the opportunity to see their benefits, especially as we watch other cities trying to grapple with how do we bring trees back. Because, just like you said, our relationship is changing with trees again. You talked about how people started off in our state living with the trees and needing them to survive and create livings for themselves. 041b061a72

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