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Arturia – Presets Floyd Tribute WIN (SYNTH PRESET): How to Get the Iconic Keyboard Sounds of Pink Floyd

From the BIG BASS oscillator to the new Best Bass synth engine, weve added every aspect of the V Collection 6, Big and Bad Bass package to the present version of Noisebox. The union of different waves in sonic synths has been an eternal theme. The combination of waveforms and the instruments they are used in is the key to the sound of old school synthesizers. With this in mind, the vast majority of the presets featured in the collection are generated using a wave combining technique called UAD2. Using this technique, we can create rich and complex bass tones, full-bodied leads or massive low-end sounds. Another of our exclusive presets uses a deep multi-band waveform filter, allowing you to sculpt new sounds from the bottom of the synth up.

Arturia – Presets Floyd Tribute WIN (SYNTH PRESET)

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The sampling rate can be changed during a session which can eliminate mistakes found when editing on a timeline; the user can then adjust the tempo or pitch either up or down. Each preset comes with an assigned folder. In other words, you could make use of 128 presets or 2,048 presets without disturbing the other presets. The possibilities are endless with this kind of program!

The preset editor allows the user to manually load a sound into a program or a program into a preset. It includes a grid of presets that can be accessed while performing a user-defined function (loudness, gain or filtration, etc). In practice, this means the user does not have to select a preset, load, unload, then select it again.

And that context is plenty. The presets are mostly in the key of trippy, and will go well with many genres, including trip-hop, dájá vu, haunting, cinematic, ethereal, and gothic. These range from slightly over the top to deep, dark, and quite disturbing. Diatonic synth sounds predominate, but there are a few rare electric pianos, guitar, and harp, and, something you never see, sound-alike trumpet. But most of the presets are predominantly lead synth elements.

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