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Ignite Your Spiritual Creativity

We are the Temple of Apotheism, a sanctuary of modern Gnostic Philosophy—awakening personal empowerment, interconnected enlightenment, and liberation from dogma.

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Modern Gnostic Philosophy and a Path to Spiritual Creativity

Apotheism is a modern Gnostic philosophy that celebrates the potential for awakening profound spiritual creativity within every individual. Rooted in the belief that personal empowerment can be achieved through human effort alone, Apotheism embraces the responsibility each person holds to seek knowledge that advances human evolution and fosters a better world for all living beings. At its core, Apotheism revolves around the values of non-violence, sustainable living, and spiritual enlightenment—values that serve as foundational elements on the journey towards "heaven on earth," or what we term Apotheosis.

Central to Apotheism is the concept of apotheosis, denoting the pinnacle of development or the elevation of an individual to divine status. Unlike traditional worship of deities requiring submission, Apotheism focuses on unlocking the innate divine potential present within each human being. This endeavor blends scientific understanding with spirituality to reveal a unique source of power. While acknowledging the potential for a connection between science and the supernatural, Apotheism doesn't rely on miracles or prophecy for salvation. Instead, it places its trust in the collective humanistic effort to create a world where humanity and nature flourish, and our species evolves beyond the confines of archaic religious barriers or dark ages.

Apotheism's core mission is to provide a guiding light for those in the process of deconstructing their faith and transcending conventional beliefs. By offering an alternative path free from dogma and the societal pressures of conformity, Apotheism aims to aid individuals on their journey to authentic enlightenment. This journey is deeply personal, requiring initiates to uncover truth within themselves. Rather than imposing a singular belief system, Apotheism encourages its members to explore diverse teachings from various religions and ideologies. It recognizes that the answers to life's mysteries are manifold and lie within the collective wisdom of human thought.

In fostering personal growth and transformation, Apotheism addresses the healing of spiritual wounds inflicted by past religious experiences and supports individuals as they navigate the often challenging process of deconstruction and spiritual awakening. By leaving behind doubt and emotional trauma, each individual begins to awaken a new, empowered version of themselves—an essential step towards achieving Apotheosis.

Apotheism invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and evolution, guided by the principles of modern Gnostic philosophy. Join us in exploring the boundless potential of the human spirit, embracing the interconnectedness of all life, and seeking enlightenment through personal empowerment and understanding.

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"Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"

- Buddha

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The 10 Noble Precepts of Apotheism are our core beliefs and are given to us as boundaries to aid us should we stray from the path of Apotheosis. Contemplate these precepts and allow them to give you the power to awaken your inner divine being.


Whether or not a divine presence exists holds no direct relevance. We acknowledge that ancient religions often carry allegorical meanings, offering guidance on living well. We honor the foundational beliefs in their original symbolic context.


We hold that all life forms are equal, each aspiring to a meaningful existence and deserving of equal rights and opportunities. We respect diverse human choices, recognizing no universally "correct" way of living.


We acknowledge the inherent light and potential within all life, understanding that humans are not bound by religious dogma that hinders natural science, political progress, or human advancement. Human capacity guides our path.


We uphold the sanctity of human life, promoting unconditional love and acceptance for all beings. Our commitment is to alleviate suffering and rectify oppressive systems, fostering harmony and empathy.


We believe in a strict separation of religion and governance, understanding that no religious texts or beliefs should influence laws, standards for living, and governing. We know that humans can govern themselves without a reliance on an outside force with its own moral standard and only abide by natural order.


We believe in a policy of political neutrality. This does not exclude us from registering as a specific political party for the purpose of voting, but instead is a mental fortitude against faction tribalism where we become blindly loyal to political ideologies that strip us of critical thinking.


We understand that everything is relative to one's own life, biology, and circumstance. What works for us may not work for others, and what works for others may not work for us. We, therefore, do not impose or force others down what we consider is the correct path, but instead share our ideas, beliefs, and opinions so that others may learn without the pressure of adapting.


We believe in the truth of the scientific theory and the natural laws of the world that have shaped the cosmos and every living being. As a microcosm of the universe, we respect and try to understand those who strive to provide us with the amazing lessons of the scientific world, knowing that we are comfortable not knowing everything.


We believe that everything is inherently spiritual, and that there is no difference between psychology, philosophy, science, biology, and spirit. Everything is interconnected with our own internal life force and how we live directly affects us on a fundamental level.


We believe in the limitless power of humanity, and understand that miracles are manifestations of our own power that cannot be tied to any one sect or belief. Apotheists may use any means to strive for complete apotheosis they desire, so far as doing so does NOT  violate any of the other precepts.

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“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”

- Rumi

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Your Unique Pathways to Enlightenment

Imagine Apotheism as a majestic tree, each branch representing a distinct pathway towards personal enlightenment. Just as branches extend in diverse directions, our philosophy embraces the idea that individuals have the freedom to choose their own routes to self-discovery. These interconnected paths—ranging from meditation and acts of kindness to gratitude, manifestation, exploration of entheogenic plants, nurturing nutrition, and a wholesome lifestyle—contribute to the vibrant tapestry of your journey. Much like a tree's branches are united within the same living organism, the Branches of Apotheism symbolize the interconnectedness of these avenues, offering you the opportunity to ascend towards profound awakening and transformation in your own unique way."

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A practice that has roots in almost every religious practice around the world, meditation has many variations and practices that can benefit the human mind in various ways. Exploring all the possibilities of meditation can be a life-long study that few ever master. For most, however, it can be a powerful daily tool in personal wellness.



Thank you for your interest in Apotheism. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our beliefs and practices. We currently do NOT have a physical temple location and hope that you will use this site as your temple for practice if you choose to join.

It is our hope that we can establish ourselves as a recognized philosophical organization and open temples of practice around the world. Through your help in spreading awareness, you can be a powerful mover in bringing Apotheosis to others. If you are someone who has similar beliefs that we share or would love to contribute your knowledge for the betterment of our organization, please feel free to reach out.

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