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Manifest Your Divine Creativity

We are The Temple of Apotheism, a deist philosophical movement that seeks to rationalize progressive science with the profound impact of spiritual awakening. By fusing both ancient mystical teachings and modern science, we endeavor to awaken our own divine ability and attain apotheosis.

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Apotheism is the belief that anyone has the power to awaken their own spiritual creativity almost entirely through human effort alone. We believe that each human has a personal responsibility to seek knowledge that can further advance human evolution and make the world a brighter and better place for all beings. Non-violence, sustainable living, and spiritual enlightenment are the core values of an Apotheist, and are fundamental to achieving "heaven on earth" or as we would call Apotheosis.

Apotheosis by definition means the highest point in the development of something or the elevation of someone to a divine status. Whether a God or gods exist is completely irrelevant to us. We do not "worship" in any traditional sense a deity that requires obedience. Instead, we try to unlock the divine power that each human is capable of attaining through science and spirituality. We believe that science can be rationalized with supernatural to an extent, but we don't rely on miracles or prophecy to save us. Only a reliance on our own humanistic effort is needed to achieve a perfect world where humanity and nature can flourish and the human species can evolve without archaic religious barriers or dark ages.

The main goal of Apotheism is to help people who are deconstructing their own faith and religion and show them a new path where they are free from dogma and the stigma of not adhering to conventional belief. We believe that the journey to true enlightenment is a personal journey that only the initiate must find truth in. As such, we do not dictate a belief to our members, but push them to seek their own answers through the teachings of all religions and ideologies, knowing that there is no right answer, but answers that lie in all. Healing trauma inflicted by modern religion, or the pain associated with deconstruction and spiritual awakening is the first step to achieving Apotheosis and is a foundational practice we all work at together. Awakening a new, spiritual, and powerful version of you starts by leaving behind old doubt and emotional trauma.

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"Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"

- Buddha

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The 10 Noble Precepts of Apotheism are our core beliefs and are given to us as boundaries to aid us should we stray from the path of Apotheosis. Contemplate these precepts and allow them to give you the power to awaken your inner divine being.


Whether or not a God or gods exist is completely irrelevant. We recognize that all ancient religions were meant to be allegorical and emblematic of how to live, and we respect the foundational beliefs and their representation in their most original form.


We believe that all living beings are equal and desire the same standard of living as anyone else and deserve equal rights and opportunities. We respect all humans and their way of living knowing that there is no "right" way to live.


We recognize and respect the divine light and power within all living beings and understand that humans are not beholden to any religious dogma that interferes with the laws of natural science, political ideology and most importantly, human progress. Human power is the only power we rely on.


We believe that all human life is sacred and strive to live with unconditional love and acceptance to all humans with a strong desire to alleviate suffering of all beings and rectify systems that cause oppression.


We believe in a strict separation of religion and governance, understanding that no religious texts or beliefs should influence laws, standards for living, and governing. We know that humans can govern themselves without a reliance on an outside force with its own moral standard and only abide by natural order.


We believe in a policy of political neutrality. This does not exclude us from registering as a specific political party for the purpose of voting, but instead is a mental fortitude against faction tribalism where we become blindly loyal to political ideologies that strip us of critical thinking.


We understand that everything is relative to one's own life, biology, and circumstance. What works for us may not work for others, and what works for others may not work for us. We, therefore, do not impose or force others down what we consider is the correct path, but instead share our ideas, beliefs, and opinions so that others may learn without the pressure of adapting.


We believe in the truth of the scientific theory and the natural laws of the world that have shaped the cosmos and every living being. As a microcosm of the universe, we respect and try to understand those who strive to provide us with the amazing lessons of the scientific world, knowing that we are comfortable not knowing everything.


We believe that everything is inherently spiritual, and that there is no difference between psychology, philosophy, science, biology, and spirit. Everything is interconnected with our own internal life force and how we live directly affects us on a fundamental level.


We believe in the limitless power of humanity, and understand that miracles are manifestations of our own power that cannot be tied to any one sect or belief. Apotheists may use any means to strive for complete apotheosis they desire, so far as doing so does NOT  violate any of the other precepts.

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Buddhist Singing Bowl

“I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”

- Rumi

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When a child learns to climb a tree they must evaluate each branch. Taking into account their own ability and the ease of grabbing each branch, they will journey to reach the top. Some kids will go up a different way, and some will learn from others to better fit themselves to go up higher and take different paths. As such, Apotheists use this metaphor as a way of teaching the different branches of attaining spiritual enlightenment through the "Branches of Apotheosis." You, as a practitioner, may find many of these branches easy to use and apply to your lifestyle. Some may not want to risk taking more fringe routs. And others may have an entirely different way to climb the tree. Though we do not force any particular practice on our members, we do encourage our members to have an open mind when climbing the tree, and share with others your discoveries as someone may not know what branch to grab next. Below are some of the branches we practice and more explanation can be found by exploring our blog or group discussions. These branches are very general and may have hundreds of other branches to explore within each path.

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A practice that has roots in almost every religious practice around the world, meditation has many variations and practices that can benefit the human mind in various ways. Exploring all the possibilities of meditation can be a life-long study that few ever master. For most, however, it can be a powerful daily tool in personal wellness.



Thank you for your interest in Apotheism. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our beliefs and practices. We currently do NOT have a physical temple location and hope that you will use this site as your temple for practice if you choose to join.

It is our hope that we can establish ourselves as a recognized philosophical organization and open temples of practice around the world. Through your help in spreading awareness, you can be a powerful mover in bringing Apotheosis to others. If you are someone who has similar beliefs that we share or would love to contribute your knowledge for the betterment of our organization, please feel free to reach out.

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